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Cavalry and Guards Club Birthday Soirée

27 August, 2018

Earlier this month, London Festival Opera returned to the splendid setting of London’s Cavalry and Guards Club to present a programme of opera for a special birthday party.

The client was a keen opera lover and we were told in advance that the audience would include many opera enthusiasts. Some attending were actually involved in the opera world themselves - hence the performance needed to be of a very high artistic standard as well as to appeal to the rest of the party including some grand-children!

We created a programme of celebrated arias and ensembles, including some special requests, but also including the lesser known ‘Questo amor’ from Puccini’s first successful opera ‘Edgar, sung by the character Frank (the audience chuckled at this - an unusual name for an operatic character!)

The client felt that the ‘surprise start’ of the cast being disguised as waiters would be a perfect way to begin the evening and the entertainment had been kept a total secret from the guests. The audience were, of course, amazed that the waiters had such wonderful voices and burst into appreciative applause – all agree that ‘the waiters at the Cavalry and Guards Club are multi-talented!

Picture shows the Artistic Director of London Festival Opera, Philip Blake-Jones on the stairs at the Club ready to sing Gilbert and Sullivan’s ‘Modern Major General’, which is ideal for the military setting!