'Opera as near perfection as you could get it'
The Sunday Express

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Nothing beats the sheer thrill and power of hearing real, professional opera singers up close performing some of the greatest music ever written. From an entertaining programme of favourite arias with a solo opera singer for a birthday party or wedding, to a highlight performance in costume of a celebrated opera such as La Traviata for a charity fundraising event - the options and combinations are limitless!

At London Festival Opera we understand the value of surprise with singing waiters or party guests bursting into song to the amazement of the audience, and have even disguised opera singers as technicians in overalls for a car launch and sung on horse-back at Newmarket!

Opera combines passion, drama and humour, and never fails to create a real sense of occasion. Sophisticated yet highly entertaining, appealing to all ages, opera is an international artform, transcending language and is perfect for multi-national corporate event or party.

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Our experience in finding exactly the right repertoire means that we are never at a loss to create the perfect programme for the perfect event. From grand opera through to popular musicals, or even an operatic rendition of your favourite pop song, we are always happy to include any special requests.

Ranging from a solo singer to a larger cast of four or more, our opera singers can appear in glamorous modern evening gowns and white tie and tails. Alternatively we can supply sumptuous period costumes to achieve an additional visual impact.

We can also arrange a 'surprise start' where our opera singers will be disguised as waiters o party guests who burst into operatic song at the given moment for a fun effect that will amaze your guests.

Piano accompaniment is ideal but if an instrument is not available or the venue too small then Flute & Guitar Duo is an attractive alternative.  The Duo can also play background music if required.

Contact us to discuss opera for Corporate Entertainment, Private Party, Fund Raising Events, Weddings, Product Launches,  Surprise Singing Waiters, Award Ceremonies, Sporting Events, Anniersaries and all other Special Events.